The Elmezzi Foundation


The mission of the Elmezzi Foundation is to encourage and support programs that directly provide assistance to individuals who have not had the opportunity or ability to live independent and productive lives. Such challenges may be physical, medical, economic or educational.

The Foundation needed a responsive, easy-to-update website that would clearly communicate how they fund programs, and serve as a resource for the people and organizations they support. Their number one goal was to build up their community presence by demonstrating the impact of their work.


The Elmezzi Foundation is committed to serving a specific community (Long Island City and Astoria, NY) and a specific set of causes (education, youth development, medical research and support for the elderly). Intend Creative built a sitemap with these two commitment types in mind. The content and structure of the site was developed to clearly explain how the Foundation funds, whom they fund, why they fund and what results they achieve.

Measurable outcomes are displayed alongside program case studies and profiles of program beneficiaries. Thus, Elmezzi’s impact is showcased through the use of metrics and storytelling. Menus unfold to let users know where they are within the site, and to provide different browsing options based on the user’s preference.