The Children’s Aid Society


The Children’s Aid Society, an organization that provides critical services to children and their families, created the National Center for Community Schools (NCCS) to provide training and assistance to nearly all major community school initiatives around the world.

Community schools support students’ educational success, build stronger families and improve communities through extended hours, services and relationships. Intend Creative was asked to create a guidebook that not only educated school administrators and staff about community schools, but also detailed how to build them.


To break up the dense amount of content, Intend Creative photographed an assortment of school supplies and then used them as backdrops behind the text. This visual system categorized the various types of information in an intuitive way. The 80-page manual was divided into three sections, mimicking file folders, to provide quick reference to key information.


After distributing 19,000 copies, the National Center for Community Schools reports a 30% growth in their client list. “Community schools are growing exponentially across the country and abroad. For instance, New York City is now piloting 130 community schools, and this book is one of the key tools they use.”

Hersilia Méndez, Director of External Affairs and Communications, National Center for Community Schools, The Children’s Aid Society