LISC National


LISC equips struggling communities with the capital, strategy and know-how to become good places to live, work, do business and raise children.

With their National Leadership Conference coming up, LISC needed to get busy, high-profile leaders to step away from their packed schedules and attend. With the conference fortuitously taking place shortly after the election, high attendance from invested leaders would be especially important as the new administration’s anticipated impact would be discussed. LISC needed a wide variety of collateral materials that would be persuasive, cohesive and instantly recognized from the very first touchpoint throughout the attendee’s entire event experience. In addition, they needed a partner who could handle several moving parts and work with a team of collaborators.


To drive attendance, Intend Creative realized the importance of a fresh, unique and exciting look and feel for the event materials. All of the pieces were designed to be consistent, yet individualized. While being mindful of LISC’s brand guidelines, Intend Creative designed the event theme and carried it throughout the collateral materials: from print to digital to signage. Custom map illustrations were drawn for local tours—each one-of-a-kind yet complementary to the whole. Working with the event management software Cvent, Intend designed the responsive, updatable website which handled ticketing, shared event details and housed an event blog.


80% of invitees attended the National Leadership Conference—and over two jam-packed days, LISC staffers, community development partners, philanthropic and corporate leaders and policymakers gathered, explored and brainstormed, leaving energized and ready to plunge into the challenges ahead with a unified mission noted by #OneLISC.