The Jewish Education Project


The mission of the Jewish Education Project is to expand the reach and increase the impact of Jewish education.

Cognizant of their busy audience and ever-shortening attention spans, JEP’s challenge was sharing their meaningful work in a succinct way. They needed an annual report that would somehow distill their widespread efforts—across five focus areas—into a deliverable that was engaging, concise and digestible.


JEP’s goal is for children, teens and families to experience Jewish education as meaningful and relevant to their lives. They provide Jewish curriculum and experiences from childhood through adulthood to provide a deep connection to Judaism. To show how this work is connected—how one level progresses to the next—Intend Creative turned their focus areas into a chronological story. A timeline graphic was the perfect solution for showcasing JEP’s work with different age groups in a clear, user-friendly way. This graphic enabled readers to quickly scan and immediately identify the most relevant area to them, while seeing the bigger picture.

By strategizing and determining the common thread that underlies JEP’s work, Intend Creative achieved a short and powerful format that brought cohesive awareness to the organization’s mission and accomplishments. The Jewish Education Project now has a visual tool that explains what they do and why their work matters to Jewish families.