Community Capital New York


Community Capital New York is a nonprofit community lender. By providing loans and training to small businesses and affordable housing developers, they enable traditionally underserved people to be stakeholders in a stronger community.

For their year-end appeal, CCNY’s first challenge was to dispel the misconception that they are a bank (which they are not). Like other nonprofits, CCNY needs support from donors to achieve their mission. Secondly, they needed to simplify their messaging about what they do so that donors could readily understand how they are helping entire communities.


Intend Creative worked to distill a complex story down to a simple infographic that showed the problem, the solution and the impact of CCNY’s three focuses: 1) small business loans, 2) small business training, and 3) financing for affordable housing. Our goal was to strike the right balance between easily-digestible and emotionally-compelling. With a carefully-considered mix of metrics, quotes and case studies, we developed a powerful brochure and a series of e-blasts that highlighted this three-pronged approach, dispelled confusion and really let CCNY share their story.


When complexity is met with strategy, a clear solution can be achieved. By showing where government funding starts and stops, it becomes apparent why donations are necessary. The appeal also shows proof of effectiveness. This piece has been well-received by CCNY’s entire audience—from small businesses and affordable housing developers to policymakers and politicians. CCNY has been able to utilize this infographic in many different places because it says what they do, and for whom, in a succinct and powerful way—something that wasn’t so easy to explain before.