City Harvest


Each year City Harvest publishes a restaurant guide to acknowledge the restaurants that have supported their mission to end hunger in New York City. The chefs and restaurants listed in the guide have not only donated food for New York’s hungry, but have also supported City Harvest by volunteering their time, their talents and their voices.

The challenge each year is to find a way to make this guide new and exciting, while staying true to City Harvest’s brand. The ultimate goal is to encourage people to support these generous restaurants by choosing to dine with them.


The theme for the 2011 guide was New York City neighborhoods and how they influence the restaurants found within them. Top chefs reflected on the location of their restaurants and how the surrounding markets and cultures inspire their cooking. In addition to six neighborhood maps pinpointing restaurant locations, a set of custom illustrations was created to celebrate the famous streets found in each neighborhood. Thus, providing even more context for the viewer.

The 2012 theme highlighted ingredients chefs love to work with and included quotes from famous chefs about their personal favorites. We created six detailed neighborhood maps to plot out all of the 175 restaurant locations throughout the 92-page book. Icons were also created to list details about each restaurant in a uniform, easy-to-understand way.