Carter Life Care


Carter Life Care is a care management company that offers palliative and end of life care to older people and people with disabilities. Their communications speak directly to the family members of their clients, especially adult children of aging parents.

Carter Life Care needed a new brand identity and website that reflected the company’s services and philosophy, while connecting with their audience. The overall tone had to be serious without being somber, positive without being cheerful.


Carter believes people should be allowed to live out their days with dignity and respect, and with as much independence as possible. We created a logo packed with symbolism about life and passing on. The magnolia flower represents strength, dignity and life, while the dove represents peace and the heavens.

After the brand identity was complete, Intend Creative developed a sitemap to outline the site content and structure. Next, we provided different concepts for a responsive website to be built on a content management system for easy updating.


Since rebranding and launching the new website, Carter Life Care has received 1.5x the amount of inquiries from prospective clients, thus building further brand awareness.