Brooklyn Workforce Innovations


Brooklyn Workforce Innovations (BWI) helps jobless and working poor New Yorkers establish careers in sectors that offer good wages and opportunities for advancement. For their 2012 annual report, the goal was to highlight the emphasis BWI puts on training people for careers, not just jobs. In 2014, BWI wanted to demonstrate the effectiveness of their work through the use of metrics they had tracked. We were determined to weave an emotionally compelling story through the report, along with the data, in order to communicate the significance of the numbers and engage the reader.


For the 2012 annual report, Intend Creative decided to break down misconceptions by crossing out the wrong fact and replacing it with the right one. We collaborated with BWI to write all of the headlines and ensure the message was clear.

For the 2013–2014 biannual report, we shared the results of BWI’s work in two hard-hitting ways: impressive metrics and inspiring success stories. The report was broken up into seven sections corresponding to BWI’s seven program areas, and icons were designed to represent each one. We created infographics to visually show the data and then paired them with profiles of program graduates. This tactic put a face and a name behind every number, bringing the stats to life.

Intend Creative has been working with Brooklyn Workforce Innovations for over 5 years on various projects.


“The most important—and challenging—part of my job is to communicate the great work our organization is doing to foundations, corporations and individuals that may support us. The annual reports we have developed with Intend Creative have effectively told our story to supporters, and have played a key role in securing our largest gifts over the past five years.”

Shawn Hegele, Director of Fundraising and Evaluation, BWI